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Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
in the country. u.s. news and world report claims they inflated the standings of the incoming students by 20 percentage points. the magazine removed the school from its ranking as number 51 on the list. university will have an unranked status until the 2014 best college publication is released. the president of gw says he regrets the error and they're taking measures to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> doug is here with more about the cold weather that seems to be with us for a while, huh? >> it is really chilly out there. temperatures dropped a little faster than i thought they would tonight. clear skies for the most part. we're starting to see clouds move in. that should help to destabilize temperatures. it is a cold night. beginning to feel like christmas, isn't it? >> i know. you have to say this. this is the christmas tree that will actually be at rockefeller center. they cut this tree down in mt. olive new jersey. it was hit by sandy but not affected. it was not damaged. it was put up today. it was an 80-feet tree. it weighs 20,000 pounds. that lightning ceremony by the way will b
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
it is one of the keyest of democrats. keeping control of the u.s. senate. we talked to virginia party chairman brian moran a short while ago and this is what he had to say about the big win tonight. >> we feel good. we've been looking at the numbers as soon as they started reporting and thank goodness northern virginia came in. once the numbers came in from fairfax, we felt real good about it. >> tim kaine winning the senate seat on the strength of the turnout in favor of northern virginia in places like fairfax, loudoun and prince williams counties. he'll be on the satage in about five minutes. we'll bring that to you live. >> thank you. >>> turning to the republican side of the senate race in virginia, richard jar dan with the george allen campaign in richmond? no, not richard. okay. >> what we're going to do is turn to maryland instead. one of the big issues on the ballot, several of them, question six. voters are deciding whether or not to approve gay marriage. looking at the latest thumb ber numbers now, chris gordon will report from baltimore in a minute. on the gay marriage iss
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
for jacksonville. on board the u.s.s. baton. that's right. they trailed two, 9-7. published reports says the game will not count and will not be made up. can you believe that's how it ends? party at the patriots center. george mason picking up uva. johnny williams from the ring. and you can count it. 11 on the night, ties the game at 50. just over a minute left, score still tied. buy y byron allen is feeling it, holds on for the upset, 63-59 over virginia. to the verizon center. the wizards looking for their first win against the bucs. milwaukee's branden jennings comes from behind. shows him. he got teamed up, it was the second of the game. the bucs win it 1 01-91. >>> high school playoff football. the state championship marching band. don't you know that hosting chevy chasz, 22 points with a six-yard scamper. not much later on 13 and 18. and williams doesn't come down for anybody. can you believe this guy? 6, -- 6'10", 200 pound senior, they win it. >> they're going to work next week on tackling. >> just so you know at bcc, that's their playoffs. so that's their lost. it's hard for anyone to ge
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
by making your smart phone less attractive to thieves. u.s. and mexican cell providers will refuse to activate a stolen phone thanks to a resolution signed in d.c. today. the theft of cell phones and portable electronic devices has increased 54 percent since 2007. arrests haven't stopped the crime. so now there's an effort to take away the profit from the stolen phones. >> drivers are now just a hours away for paying for a faster route. it was a ribbon cutting project for lanes that officially open on saturday. they are free for car pools who have three or more people. otherwise, you have to pay a toll. supporters say it's a long awaited solution to ease congestion in northern virginia. critics have said that the lanes are unfair for those who can't afford those tolls. >> if ever there was a mismatch, olympic gold medallist returned to the high school today for her first swim meet since the london olympics. ladecki won the 200 meter individual event, even though the crowd is significantly smaller than she experienced. she said she's happy to be home. >> it's good to be here with my
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
the white house withheld that information to avoid revealing the u.s. was on al qaeda's trail. that differs from what petraeus himself said three days after the attack. and from the so-called talking points that u.n. ambassador susan rice was reportedly using to answer questions as the administration's representative. >> she knew at that point in time that al qaeda was very l e likely responsiblen part or whole, in the death of ambassador stevens. >> she did entirely the responsible thing. >> now petraeus, said the decision to put out a different account of what happened was not political. he also said his personal scandal, the extra marital affair that led to his resignation last week had no impact on his handling of benghazi. how the cia missed threat to americans in benghazi, is still under investigation. jim and doreen, back to you. >> thank you, jim. d.c. school principal is home tonight after pleading not guilty to simple assault. her name is thelma jarrett. she was released from jail today. she is the principal at coolidge high school in the district. a former school employee claims
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
it important for the u.s. economy and national security. >> reaching a deal is critical to both. it will shore up our ability to project economic power around the globe. strengthen our position in the competition of ideas, shaping the global marketplace, and remind all nations that we remain a steady and dependable partner. >> president obama met with congressional leaders from both parties yesterday to start the long process of hammering out a deal. both sides remain confident they can find common ground before christmas. >>> a special day for some new d.c. families. the foster children officially adopted today at the city's annual adoption day. >>> after a beautiful sunny day, chuck bell is talking about some clouds coming our way. >>> these are best buy employees gearing up for black friday. best buy in atlanta held a rehearsal for the shopping day. long lines much customers asking lots of questions. the store will open thursday at midnight and expect major crowds. black friday is typically one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >>> dozens of kids are spending their first night tonig
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> it is. >> reporter: but not everyone is taking advantage. according to u.s. citizenship and immigration services, nearly 5,000 people have been approved in record time. but of the 1.7 million undocumented immigrants under the age of 30 that could potentially qualify, fewer than 180,000 have applied? why? >> there is certain uncertainty as to what will happen with a new administration if president obama is not reelected. >> reporter: another major concern for unauthorized immigrants, the fact that their personal information would be in the hands of the government that could potentially deport them. however, immigration services has said that unless these individuals pose a tletd to national security or have ai criminal history, their information will not be used against them. and while people like daniel will emerge from the shadows and finally be seen he still won't be heard. >> not a path to citizenship. >> exactly. or residency. it's not. >> reporter: this is just -- >> a temporary fix until congress gets its act together and can actually fix the broken immigration system. >> erika go
Nov 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
are moving again. the u.s. department offing ary callture is sending more than a million pounds of food to new york. they are trying to make sure the food gets to every area. >> super storm sandy dumped close to three feet of snow on garret county, maryland, and they're still trying to recover. thousands of homes and businesses still don't have power. crews say they do expect to have everybody back online by tomorrow. there shouldn't be anyssues for election day. >> around our part of the country, it is getting cold out there. >> you better bundle up big time. take a look at the numbers already. 39 in washington. a very cold night. by far the coldest night we have seen so far this year. that's why we have freeze warnings in effect all across the area. most of northern virginia, too. it's going to be a very cold morning. and yes the pattern is still set for a coastal storm. but the newest data is just in. how will the storm affect you. i'll show you in my forecast. >> thanks. coming up next, a student pilot with a really interesting landing. we'll show you how this went down. >> some spe
Nov 11, 2012 11:30pm EST
and board rooms. rough two months for the u.s. economy. >> house and they meet with pre obama at the white house. >>> frightening scene in an indianapolis neighborhood. the investigation into what caused the explosion that leveled homes and left two dead. >> new details tonight from the man believed to be the east coast rapist. what he has to say about the crimes he is accused of. >>> nearly 70% of venice completely flooded. what's causing the high water. >> a massive explosion leveled two homes. the fire engulfed the neighborhood and killed two people. today sitty cam together to help those affected. as we report, investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the blast. >> it was described as a war zone. upon entering the richmond hills subdivision you can clearly see why. debris and damage everywhere. nearly every home, burned or battered or broken or simply gone. i have into the seen this destruction. >> reporter: the epicenter of the explosion. police believe it originated near the burned out car. the home the one next to it. they were obliterated in the late night blast. t
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
this that attack on the u.s. consulate september 11th. republicans have accused the administration of mischaracterizing the attack as a spontaneous response to an internet movie when it quickly became clear this was the planned wroshg of terrorists. now after a private cia briefing today, some democrats blame the initial intelligence, some republicans say there may be more to it. >> and for the president of the united states for two weeks afterwards to deny that that was the case is either a cover-up or it is incompetence. >> to lay this at the doorstep of the president or the secretary of state or the united nations ambassador, you will find us ready and willing to resist to the teeth. >> reporter: now, the senate will have two more private briefings on benghazi before reporting to the public tomorrow former cia director david petraeus will testify after a day of facing questions over another alleged cover-up, his affair. back to you. >>> right now the national transportation safety board is on the scene of a deadly train crash in midland, texas. investigators there say a train sl
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10